Fire Broke Out on Heathwhite Street, Neighbours Heard Children Screaming for Help

Fire Broke Out on Heathwhite Street, Neighbours Heard Children Screaming for Help

A single-storey house was gutted by fire in late December 2022. Neighbours said they could hear children screaming for help as the blaze consume the property on Heathwhite Street in Tarragindi.

A fire broke out at a property on Heathwhite Street in Tarragindi last Friday 30 December 2022 at about 5 am. At least five fire crews from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services arrived at the scene to put out the blaze.

A QFES spokeswoman said that there were four people at the single-storey house with one woman taken to Princess Alexandra Hospital due to smoke inhalation. Another adult and two children were reported to have managed to escape the house fire unscathed.

Fire Broke Out on Heathwhite Street, Neighbours Heard Children Screaming for Help
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One neighbour recalled hearing children screaming for help when the fire broke out whilst another said that they called triple zero after they were woken up by the screams.

Investigations are ongoing.

Did you know? Overloaded electrical circuits, faulty electrical equipment and misuse of electrical equipment are common causes of fire, according to Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

To survive a fire in one’s home, QFES suggests the following fire escape plan:

  • Check your smoke alarms work

Go through the house and ensure all your smoke alarms are less than 10 years old and working. If they’re not, upgrade them to photoelectric interconnected alarms. 

Set a reminder on your phone to clean and test smoke alarms regularly. Make sure smoke alarms work for everyone in your family – smoke alarms that use lights and a vibrating pillow will alert those who are deaf or hearing impaired.

You can order one through the Deaf Services Queensland Smoke Alarm Subsidy Scheme.

  • Plan your fire escape

Walk around your house and find two ways to escape every room. Also, ensure that windows can be opened and security grills unlocked.

You should leave your keys in a safe place, which could be near the door or window, and ensure that everyone in the house knows their location.

Decide how you will escape from different house levels and confirm an agreed place to meet once everyone is out.

  • Practice your fire escape

Practise at different times of the day and night whilst doing it blindfolded, standing and on all fours.

Use a timer to create a sense of urgency and let children hear how loud your smoke alarm is, so they don’t panic during a real escape – either when testing your smoke alarms or by playing a sound effect from your phone.

Lastly, check that the spare keys are in place and within reach for everyone