Griffith University’s N82 Building: A Green Oasis Inspired by Toohey Forest

Griffith University Toohey Forest
Photo Credit: Griffith University

Construction is on the horizon for a groundbreaking addition to Griffith University’s Nathan campus, a structure poised to redefine the campus landscape. The new N82 building is designed with a strong emphasis on sustainability and inclusivity, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the nearby Toohey Forest.

To earn a prestigious five-star Green Star Building V1 rating, the project also aspires to set new standards in responsible construction and procurement.

The N82 building is slated to become a campus centrepiece, distinguished by a central outdoor atrium created through a series of elevated terraces. The facility is set to introduce a host of innovative features, with a special focus on catering to a diverse range of needs.

The building’s internal colour palette will mirror the vibrant fauna and flora of the forest, offering a serene and harmonious environment for its occupants.

Toohey Forest
Photo Credit: Toohey Forest/Google Maps

Griffith University’s Chief Operating Officer, Peter Bryant, is at the forefront of this visionary project.

Inclusivity at its Core 

Of particular note is the inclusion of a Changing Places facility on the ground level, specially designed to accommodate individuals living with disabilities. This facility will boast essential amenities such as a hoist, a change bed, and an accessible toilet. 

Beyond accessibility, the N82 building will encompass formal and informal teaching spaces, comfortable lounge areas, and integrated teaching spaces seamlessly merging with research and staff accommodation.

A Shared Commitment

In an exciting collaboration, the N82 project team is partnering with Griffith University’s engineering academics to propose the installation of geotechnical and structural real-time sensing into the building. These sensors will measure critical data, including movement, deflection, and groundwater fluctuations, further enhancing the building’s functionality.

Jerome Johnson, General Manager Construction Queensland/Northern Territory at Lendlease, expressed their enthusiasm for partnering with Griffith University on this project. Beyond construction, the collaboration reflects a shared commitment to enhancing the educational experience for students, staff, and the research community.

Scheduled for completion in 2026, N28 will undoubtedly stand as a shining example of what can be achieved when nature, technology, and academia converge in harmonious synergy.

Published 4-Jan-2024