Hayden Hume: Tarragindi Teen Racer Vying for the 2022 MRA State Championship

Hayden Hume
Photo Credit: StLaurenceCollegeOfficial/Facebook

After his motorsports debut in 2021, Tarrandi teen racer Hayden Hume is vying for the top spot at the 2022 MRA State Championship in Eastern Creek in Sydney.

Happening on Saturday, 5 Feb 2022, Hayden will race in his Toyota ’86 in the first round of the SUPERTT category, a one-hour endurance race, against 39 other drivers. The 2022 MRA State Championship spans eight rounds, which are spread out every month until November 2022. Two of the races are held as a two-day weekend competition in May and August. 

Motor Racing Australia was established in NSW in 2005 as the home of grassroots motorsport. Since its creation, MRA has evolved with the addition of the two-day weekend race and the Festival of Sports Car series to promote the sport.

In July 2021, Hayden marked his debut in motorsports racing at the 2021 Supercars Championship after three years of kart racing. Hayden finished in 13th place out of 21 drivers for the first race, 12th out of 26 drivers in the second race, and 18th out of 25 in the third race.

The teenager from St Laurence’s College got his start in 2016, kart racing with Auskart before moving on to race in the higher level for the Ipswich Kart Club. After achieving the third top spot in the state championships, Hayden was ready to transition into motorsports in 2020. 

Photo Credit: Supplied

Hayden had immense support from Steve Owen in his very first motorsport race to prepare him for the 2022 MRA State Championship.

“If all young drivers could receive this advice, it would assist in the development of skills needed for the racetrack,” Hayden said. 

“I feel more attention should be put into the media presence of the series, as the talent of the up and coming young drivers is high, there are potentially drivers in this series who will become professionals in the future.” 

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