Hiker Brewing in Salisbury Names New Beer After Olympia Kwitowski

Hiker Brewing

Renowned Hiker Brewing Company in Salisbury is set to launch an exciting and unique creation dubbed the “Olympia” cherry coconut sour beer, named after Brisbane MC and Radio Announcer  Olympia Kwitowski.

Whilst many people dream of having parks, bridges, or grandstands named after them, Hiker Brewing is turning the tables on tradition. This new and distinctive brew is a testament to the vibrant character and local spirit of Olympia, known for her work as the Weekend Breakfast Host on 4BC Brisbane.

The Olympia sour beer is a sight to behold, pouring a captivating deep pink hue crowned with a slightly pink head. Crafted through a meticulous process, this delightful concoction is fermented on 180kg of cherry puree and infused with a generous helping of coconut. Upon first sip, a wave of cherry ripe flavours tantalizes the senses, followed by a crisp and refreshing sour finish that beckons for another taste.

So, how did this happen? Olympia had her eye on the emerging Hiker Brewing Company, which was making waves in the local beer scene just up the road from her residence.

As the voice of 4BC Brisbane’s Weekend Breakfast show, Olympia decided to bring attention to this exciting new venture by inviting the brewery’s owners, Phil and Dan, for a chat about their plans and ambitions on her program.

In the midst of several visits to the brewery, Olympia and the Hiker Brewing team hatched an idea that would forever change the beer landscape in Brisbane. “How cool would it be to have my own beer?” Olympia pondered during one of their conversations. And so, the journey began.

Fast forward to 1 Oct 2023, and the Olympia beer will be available for all to enjoy at Hiker Brewery’s Salisbury location, both on tap and in cans. This momentous occasion not only marks the inception of a unique beverage but also celebrates the vibrant synergy between local businesses and influential community figures.

Hiker Brewing
Photo Credit: Hiker Brewing/Facebook

Prepare your taste buds and join Olympia in raising a glass to this unique achievement.

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Published 29-Sept-2023