How Old-Time Dancing in Tarragindi May Change Your Life

Photo Credit: Wellers Hills Bowls Club/Facebook

For two Sundays a month, the Brisbane Sunday Social Dance Club hosts an old-time dancing social at the Wellers Hills Bowls Club on Esher Street in Tarragindi and if you haven’t had the chance to join this community activity, consider coming to the next event as it might just change your life.

The next old-time dancing social is happening will be on Sunday, the 25th of Aug 2019, at 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Put on your dancing shoes and jive to the beat featuring original music from Australian musician Walter Willans. Find a partner and have fun performing the rumba, foxtrot, quickstep, tango or salsa. 

Old-time dancing social is a regular community event established by the club since 1993. As a recreational activity, it has brought together groups of people from Tarragindi and nearby suburbs.

“We achieve this goal by providing a welcoming environment where people can come together to enjoy social interaction, physical exercise and mental stimulation,” as stated in the Brisbane Sunday Social Dance Club‘s mission statement. 

Indeed, being part of a group that does fun stuff together, such as social dancing, can bring positive results. Participants feel good with this communal experience, where they can improve their social skills, boost their self-esteem, and enhance their creative outlet.

Social dancing also an invigorating form of exercise to strengthen the bones and muscles. Thirty minutes on the floor can burn as much as 150 calories without causing undue stress to the muscles and joints.

This activity breaks mundane routines and enhances brain functioning as dancers have to remember the choreographed steps and sequences taught by the club’s dance teachers, Alan and Lynelle Armitage. 

No need for  advanced booking to join this dance. Simply come to the Weller Hills Bowls Club and pay for the tickets as you come in.