Russ Hall Park in Salisbury Receives Much-Needed Upgrades for Sports Club

Russ Hall Park

Russ Hall Park, a popular recreational hub in Salisbury, has recently undergone significant maintenance and improvement works to enhance the playing surface, much to the delight of the Old Bridge Sports Club.

The park has seen its fields receive much-needed attention as part of the Flood Recovery Renovation Program. These renovations include double pass scarification, a 15mm top dressing, aeration, and fertilisation, with plans for a second round of maintenance scheduled before June 2024. These improvements are vital to prepare the fields for the upcoming sporting season.

Double pass scarification, an essential part of the renovation process, is required for lawns with an excessive thatch layer accumulated over decades. This process helps to remove the thatch build-up, thereby improving the overall quality of the playing surface.

Aeration, another significant component of the upgrade, involves creating small holes in the ground, allowing lawns to absorb more nutrients and water. It also provides adequate oxygen and space for root growth, making it an essential step for maintaining a healthy playing field.

A Collaborative Effort

The maintenance project, which commenced in mid-October 2023, is a collaborative effort funded by both the Australian and Queensland Governments under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements. 

The Department of Tourism, Innovation, and Sport is actively participating in ensuring the successful execution of the project. The Brisbane City Council has taken charge of the works, marking a continuation of the ongoing field improvement initiatives that began earlier in the year.

Cr Steve Griffiths has played a crucial role in enhancing the facilities at Russ Hall Park, earning recognition and gratitude for his contributions to the project. These developments aim to provide a top-notch playing field for the upcoming football season.

Russ Hall Park: A Hub for Community and Sport

Russ Hall Park covers an area of 33.8 acres and offers an array of recreational opportunities, including walking, family activities, and various sports facilities, such as soccer, basketball, cricket, and bowls courts. Additionally, there’s a netball court for enthusiasts to enjoy. 

Visitors can relish its natural beauty and avail of amenities like playgrounds, drinking water, parking lots, and restrooms. The park also provides dog-friendly areas and is wheelchair accessible, ensuring inclusivity for the entire community.

FC Old Bridge: A Symbol of Resilience

FC Old Bridge, the Old Bridge Sports Club, is a football club with a rich history. It was founded on July 27, 1995, by a group of Bosnian refugees who sought shelter in Brisbane during the Bosnian War. The club derives its name from the symbolic Old Bridge in Mostar, a structure that once represented the union of two diverse cultures, religions, and peoples during the Ottoman era.

Tragically, the Old Bridge was destroyed during the conflict in 1993. In honour of this symbol of unity, the founding members of FC Old Bridge decided to name their club after the bridge. They aimed to perpetuate its legacy and the spirit of unity it embodied, symbolising the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Published 27-Oct-2023