From Worker’s Cottage to Industry Leader: Queensland Gaskets Celebrates 70 Years of Success

Queensland Gaskets, a family-owned Brisbane-based manufacturing company, is celebrating its 70th anniversary. The milestone marks the company’s journey from a small worker’s cottage to an international player in the gaskets, cutting and sealing solutions industry.

The company started as a supplier of industrial gaskets to the burgeoning market in South East Queensland. However, over the years, the company has expanded its product and service range to encompass far more than gaskets. The team has invested in new technologies and processes to stay ahead of the competition and now offers a comprehensive range of cutting and sealing solutions.

Today, Queensland Gaskets is still a family-run business, and it is now in its third generation of family ownership. The company is based in Salisbury, Brisbane, and it has expanded its facilities across the road on Jaybel St. to accommodate its 25 staff.

“To have clocked seven decades as a family-run business that is still based out of Brisbane is an incredible feat,” said owner and Managing Director Carl Quarterman.

“From that humble old worker’s cottage where Quentin carefully crafted gaskets for just a handful of companies, we have become industry leaders who are now delivering more complex, large-scale projects than ever before to our clients.

Over the years, Queensland Gaskets has achieved several major milestones. The company was one of the first in the state to adopt the ISO9001:2015 standard, and it implemented a new Enterprise Resource Planning system to improve its manufacturing efficiencies. The company also partnered with Pronto Software to further optimise its machine-cutting capabilities.

Despite these achievements, community and customer relationships remain at the forefront of what Queensland Gaskets does. Two of the company’s core values, Relationships and Teamwork, provide a day-to-day environment that allows it to continually improve and engage with suppliers to support its customers. The other two core values, Quality and Accountability, sustain that capability.

“At Queensland Gaskets, we believe in providing solutions to our customers’ challenges.  By supporting and engaging with our community we continue to improve what we do, improve the skills we have, and set a foundation for our future,” Mr Quarterman said.

“And after 70 years we’re thrilled to not only celebrate our platinum anniversary with the community, but also look forward to working with them on the next stage of our exciting journey.”

Published 2-May-2023