Tarragindi Church Sets Record Straight on Alleged High School and Latin Masses by Ancient Catholic Sect

The Brisbane Oratory In Formation, located in Tarragindi, has denied rumours of plans to establish a Prep-Year 12 school run by an ancient Catholic movement on Messines Ridge Rd.

The unconfirmed reports were fuelled by flyers distributed anonymously and shared on social media, suggesting that the Oratory intended to expand the site to accommodate up to 600 additional attendees at four weekly Latin Masses.

However, the Oratory, tracing its roots back to the 16th century under St. Philip Neri, maintains that these claims are unsubstantiated.

Since its introduction to Brisbane in 2015, the Oratory has expanded its presence, receiving care from various parishes, including Tarragindi and Annerley, from Brisbane Catholic Archbishop Mark Coleridge.

While plans for a new school, tentatively named St. John Henry Newman College, have been accredited, the Oratory clarified that the site has long been zoned for educational purposes.

Contrary to rumors, the primary school set to open in 2026 on the Messines Ridge Rd property will cater initially to Prep-Year 3 students, with eventual plans for expansion to high school grades on a separate site. The Oratory assured that any assertion of purchasing the St. John Fisher land is inaccurate.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

The proposed school has sparked concerns among locals regarding increased traffic congestion and its potential environmental impact. Some residents worry about the strain on already limited parking availability and the loss of green space.

Additionally, there are fears that the development process could bypass community input through Ministerial Infrastructure Designation, limiting public notification and appeals.

State MP Mark Bailey has pledged to monitor the situation closely, emphasising the need for development to align with the residential character of Tarragindi. However, the Archdiocese of Brisbane clarified that St. John Henry Newman College operates independently, catering to families seeking a classical education model, regardless of religious affiliation.

Published Date 01-April-2024