Cross River Rail Project: Under Track Construction in Salisbury Begins

Intermittent civil works will be underway at the Salisbury Station, where an under track crossing area is being prepared for the Cross River Rail project. Residents and commuters are advised to expect some noise, vibration, dust and road closures during this preparation.

The under track construction will take place between 3 July to 5 July 2021 outside of working hours but access to Fairlie Terrace will be temporarily closed to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. A sign will be put up to redirect and manage the flow of traffic with this slight interruption. 

Work on Salisbury Station will entail the following:  

  • Under track crossing using a directional drilling rig
  • Installation of under track crossing conduits for services
  • Cable route and service trenching and installation
  • Installation of fencing

However, major construction of the Cross River Rail in this area will not start until mid-2022, per the official project page.

During this period, the Salisbury Station will be upgraded with a new building, a third platform, and an upgraded platform finish with a new canopy for weather protection. The new station will also feature an overpass, lifts and switchback stairs for accessibility, as well as a new bicycle storage shelter for 40 users.

Photo Credit: Cross River Rail Project

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said that the Salisbury Station upgrade is part of the State and Federal Governments’ key investments for 2021–22 to 2024–25. 

“Train stations across southeast Queensland will become more accessible under our $500 million station upgrade program,” the minister said

“Construction of Cross River Rail is continuing, with that $5.4 billion project being delivered in addition to our record $27.5 billion transport and roads budget. Cross River Rail is on track to open in 2025.”