Aspiring Tarragindi Teacher Participates in G8 Education Traineeship Program

Joseph Cooper is a school-based trainee at The Learning Sanctuary Tarragindi. Through the Study Pathways Program of G8 Education, he was given the opportunity to start a career in early childhood education whilst still attending school.

In a bid to counter the worsening workforce shortage in the early childhood education and care sector, the Study Pathways program of G8 Education is investing more resources into education training through its 450 locations in Australia, including the Learning Sanctuary in Tarragindi.

There’s Just Not Enough Educators

G8 has committed to meeting the growing demand for early learning services by opening more centres across the country.

However, workforce shortages in recent years have seen vacancies advertised across QLD reach an all-time high of 1,557 positions. At present, it takes an average of 57 days for a vacant position to be filled.

Through its Trainee and Study Pathway programs, G8 Education is able to address the growing demand for educators. Approximately 41 per cent of its graduates getting permanent employment with the company.

Through the program, around 74 school-based trainees have already started in Queensland services as of July 2022.

Getting a Headstart

For Joseph Cooper, it was a unique opportunity to get a valuable headstart doing something he has dreamed about since childhood.

“I had an amazing teacher in grade three, Mr Hanson, and ever since then I’ve wanted to be a teacher,” Joseph said.  

“I always doubted whether it was an achievable goal until I heard about this traineeship opportunity.  

“Judging from my first few days at the centre, early learning seems like a perfect fit for me.  

“I love watching the children interact and problem solves, and it’s a really fun and welcoming environment to work in.” 

G8 Education’s Study Pathways Program includes Certificate III and Diploma Early Childhood traineeships, and the Bachelor of Early Childhood Scholarship Program.

To learn more about the program, click here.

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