Tarragindi Residents: Declutter Responsibly with Kerbside Collection

Tired of that old couch hogging space in your living room? Kerbside collection comes to the rescue in Tarragindi!

Here’s how it works:

Schedule: For Tarragindi and neighbouring suburbs like Nathan and Salisbury, kerbside collection will run on the 20th of May 2024.

Reminders: Download the Council’s Brisbane Bin and Recycling app for free reminders and push notifications.

Preparation: Check the Council’s website to see what qualifies for kerbside collection and explore alternative options for usable items.

Collection Day: Place accepted items on the kerbside in front of your property by 6:00 a.m. on the first day of the collection period.

Think Twice Before You Toss:

The Council encourages residents to donate usable items to friends, family, charities, or reuse organisations like GIVIT or Charitable Recycling Australia. The Endeavour Foundation runs Brisbane’s Treasure Troves, which also accepts donations in good condition.

Acceptable: bathtubs, bicycles, carpets, electronics (minus batteries!), furniture, appliances, mattresses, small appliances, and wood under 1.5 metres.

Unacceptable: hazardous materials, garden waste, construction debris, car parts, liquids, batteries (dispose of them at Council’s resource recovery centres!), and large piles exceeding two cubic metres.

Important Tips:

  • Ensure easy and safe lifting for collection crews by keeping items manageable.
  • Remove the refrigerator and cupboard doors for easier handling.
  • Secure items during bad weather forecasts.

The council won’t collect unacceptable items left on the kerb, and illegal dumping fines may apply.

By utilising the kerbside collection service responsibly, Tarragindi residents can declutter their homes and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Published Date 07-May-2024

2018 Kerbside Collection in Tarragindi: Five Household Items You Definitely Need To Discard

On 6 March, it’s Tarragindi’s turn to take to the kerbside and witness this year’s collection run. It’s time for the annual clearing out of whatever’s broken, not needed, or just simply something that has reached the end of its shelf life. Remember, items destined for the kerb must be put out one weekend before the schedule.

Here are five household items you definitely need to discard.

Broken Furniture

Photo credit: Pinterest

Do you have an old chest of drawers sitting in your basement or garage gathering dust? It’s time to get rid of it. If it can easily be lifted by two people, then it’s good to go and be placed by the kerb.One of Brisbane City Council’s guidelines is to ensure that all household items placed by the kerb can easily and safely be lifted by two people.

Out-of-Date Reading Materials

Photo credit: emmagem.com

There’s really no point holding onto old stacks of magazines or newspapers unless you are going to have it framed. However, if they are just there it’s time to put them in a box and get rid of them.

Broken Appliances

Photo credit: Classroom Synonym

Some people have a difficult time parting with their old, no-longer-used appliances especially if they were expensive. Instead of keeping it and waiting for something broken to miraculously repair itself, it’s time to throw it away. Remember that eventually, you are going to have to do so, and this year’s kerbside collection is your chance to make a clean break (pun intended!).

Linen/s You Don’t Use

Photo credit: Laurel Leaf Farm

We all have several linens in the linen closet that barely (or never!) got used. Impulse buy? Changed your mind or just forgot about them? Throwing linens may feel wasteful but really, what are you going to do with the ones you never use anyway? It’s unreasonable to keep them if you never use them. The upside is, there are some kerbside scavengers that might be able to put those linens to good use. Or you could always donate them to an op shop or a charity.

Outdated Technology

Photo credit: Macworld Australia

Is there an old cell phone you’re still keeping because you bought it for a hefty price before? Similar to the appliances mentioned above, there is really no point keeping outdated mobile devices anymore especially if you could no longer use them. This includes old laptops, tablets, and MP3 players.

This year’s kerbside collection is the perfect chance for you to get organised. You can start putting your items by the kerb a week before your collection date. Make sure that you read the council’s guidelines here.