Police Unearth Tarragindi Drug Lab for Meth and Magic Mushrooms

The Queensland Police have uncovered a clandestine drug laboratory hidden beneath a trapdoor inside a suburban home in Tarragindi. The operation, allegedly run by a 51-year-old man, involved the production of methamphetamine and magic mushrooms.

Acting on a tip-off, officers from Queensland’s Synthetic Drug Operations Unit executed a raid on the property over the weekend. Inside the living room, they stumbled upon the concealed entrance to the drug lab. The hidden space was located underground in the garage of the residence.

The 51-year-old man, who was living at the property, was promptly arrested and charged with possession of dangerous drugs. According to Detective Inspector Bradley Phelps from Queensland’s Synthetic Drug and Serious Crime Group, a significant lab processing operation was underway, involving the unlawful production of methylamphetamine.

Inspectors on the scene observed numerous bongs, bottles, and containers filled with dark-colored liquids, indicating the presence of various drug-making substances. The findings have raised significant concerns for the health and safety of the surrounding community, as the drug lab could pose serious risks to both the alleged offender and vulnerable members of society who might be exposed to the drugs produced.

“This arrest is another example of the dedicated work underway to take these dangerous and highly-addictive drugs off our streets and keep the community safe,” said Inspector Phelps

The man in custody is scheduled to appear before the Holland Park Magistrates Court to face the charges leveled against him. Meanwhile, authorities are continuing their investigations into the drug lab to gather more evidence and uncover any potential accomplices or suppliers.

This incident comes in the wake of similar raids in New South Wales (NSW), where police recently seized $7 million worth of drugs in multiple properties located in Sydney’s west. Seven men were arrested and charged with possession and distribution offenses after authorities discovered over 6 kilograms of methamphetamine and 1.5 kilograms of cocaine across the properties.

Law enforcement agencies in both Queensland and NSW remain vigilant in their efforts to combat drug-related crimes and protect the communities from the dangers posed by illicit drug manufacturing and distribution networks.

Published 4-Aug-2023