Retirement Facility Development In Tarragindi Still A Go

Plans for the development of the Tarragindi retirement facility seems to still be a go despite opposition from the local community. Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner has confirmed the approval of the project after an 18-month assessment period.

Three separate appeals were lodged at the Brisbane’s Planning and Environment court against the Brisbane City Council and RetireAustralia earlier this year. The locals were firm in their appeal that the development should not be given a green light as it shows a conflict with the City Planning.

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The retirement facility will feature 94 independent living village units, a new clubhouse, and other facilities. Locals say that the development plans do not meet the requirements of the community when it comes to the height, scale, and form expectations.

However, Cr Shrinner said that residents can establish properties up to 9.5 metres according to the City Plan 2014.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk demanded for a double consultation period for amendments on sports and recreation land. However, the Tarragindi Residents’ Association said that it is too late for this and they are hoping that one of their three appeals would still succeed to stop the development.

Residents Consider Legal Action To Stop Approved Aged-Care Facility Development at the Tarragindi Bowls Club

After more than a year of controversy, adjustments, and uproar, the Brisbane City Council has approved RetireAustralia’s development proposal for an aged care facility at the Tarragindi Bowls Club. As a result, residents are considering legal action against the DA.

The council approved the DA in the last week of January 2018, following an 18-month assessment and 1,800 public submissions. The developer plans to build 94 units ranging from three storeys to five storeys, along with a U-shaped structure around a championship bowling green to house the amenities. The development will also feature a new clubhouse and a park.


Betrayed & Disappointed

Residents feel betrayed and disappointed that the council still approved the DA despite their objections. Most of them haven’t backed down and carefully considering taking legal action to stop the development.

One of the issues that the residents raised is that the project is too close to their homes. They also launched an online petition that has gathered 1,030 signatures so far. Cr Steve Griffiths has expressed support for the residents and disappointment over the council’s decision.


A Win for the Community?

Still, the council thinks that they did what will best benefit the community. Cr Krista Adams shares the same sentiment as the BCC and thinks that the development is a win for the entire community. According to her, it not only provides a place for retirees but it also revitalises the bowls club.

Also, the developer has adjusted their plans to accommodate people’s needs and has reduced the height of their buildings..

Construction will begin mid- or late 2018. This will be the first retirement complex to be built on a privately-owned sport and recreation land under the council’s Retirement and Aged Care Accommodation Incentives (RACAI).

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Tarragindi’s Moorbell Street Park Is Your Escape From The Summer Heat

One of the best things about living in Brisbane is that there are plenty of green spaces. During this hot summer, one might think that going to a park isn’t a good idea but one particular Tarragindi park remains cool and well-shaded under the glaring sun.

Moorbell Street Park is located at the back streets located behind Marshall Road. It is a small park that is well-tended and offers plenty of shade. Thanks to the trees that surround the area, one can definitely stay cool here while you enjoy the outdoors.

The park is also perfect for kids as there are swings, slide, monkey bars, a rebound wall and a water bubbler. Your kids will definitely be entertained while you lounge around with a good book or with your friends.

You can also have get-togethers here are there is a picnic area and a wood-fired BBQ

It’s the perfect spot to chill this summer!

Tarragindi Residents & Nearby Southwest Suburbs Warned About the Spread of Deadly Paralysis Ticks in the Area

Residents of Tarragindi and nearby suburbs are encouraged to protect their pets from the deadly paralysis tick after Southwest Brisbane has been identified as a hot spot.

This year so far, approximately 17 patients suffering from tick paralysis have been brought to Greencross Vets clinics across the southwest this year.

Early this year, a resident from Spring Mountain found a monster tick insider her home. It turns out, the family had a previous pet die after finding ten ticks on him in one day. Luckily, the resident’s family and pets are safe.

Tick paralysis is one of the most common preventable causes of dog and cat deaths in Australia. Treatments for this are very expensive, and it can range from $5,000 to $10,000. That is why it is crucial that residents take preventive measures to ensure that no ticks will come near their pets.

Ticks paralyse and kill from a neurotoxin secreted in the tick’s saliva as it sucks the blood of mammalian hosts. As it feeds, it secreted holocyclotoxin, most commonly known as tick toxin, into the bloodstream. It usually takes three to four days for the paralysis to take effect in cats, dogs and children.

Last year, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Queensland (RSPCA QLD) has uploaded a video on their Facebook page regarding tick paralysis in light of the beginning of tick season in the nation, which is September.

Along with the video, they have listed down preventive measures to keep your family and pets safe.

  • Check your pets daily for ticks
  • Use tick prevention products such as tick collars, shampoos, Nexgard, etc.
  • If you find a tick on your pet, remove it right away. You can use tweezers or a tick removal system to do so.

Tarragindi’s The Gindi Cafe Promotes Community Spirit

The Gindi Cafe in Tarragindi is a light and friendly place that offers delicious espresso to power you up through the day, along with some light eats for additional sustenance. Located on Pring Street, this small cafe is very popular on weekdays.

The cafe attracts parents who pick up and drop off their kids in school. Their coffee is brewed fresh on-site using beans by Toby’s Estate. Parents who are waiting for their kids can enjoy a cup of good coffee whilst reading a good book or chatting with friends.

Photo credit: The Gindi Cafe / Facebook

Delicious sweet treats are also available. Check out their homemade caramel tarts, lemon, curd tarts and Kailz coconut ice.

Photo credit: The Gindi Cafe / Facebook

Plenty of kids from the neighbourhood come with their parents to meet new friends over several rounds of fresh smoothies and board games.

Photo credit: The Gindi Cafe / Facebook

The cafe also holds special events for families and their pets. Just recently, they held a dog wash plus a series of free coffee events.

Photo credit: The Gindi Cafe / Facebook

The Gindi Cafe may be small but it creates a huge impact in the community as a place where families and friends can come together.