Shopper in Disbelief Over $18 Cabbage Sold in Tarragindi

Inflation in Australia is the highest it has been since the early 1990s, hurting the pockets of Australian consumers like this shopper who found whole cabbage sold for $18 at a Tarragindi fruit and vegetable market.

A family-owned fruit and vegetable market along Toohey Rd is a local go-to place for better-quality food choices. However, a shopper was shocked at how expensive whole cabbages have gotten at the market this summer of 2022.

Green crops have been one of the hardest-hit commodities as Australia’s cost of living rises due to inflation. The recent unseasonal rains and the unusually wet weather may have also contributed to the price hike.

In June, regular whole cabbage prices spiked to about $9 whilst the organic variant costs about $10 to $12 at big-chain stores. Regular half-cabbages were selling at $3.50 but organic half-cabbages went for $5.20.

The price hike follows a lettuce shortage that had many restaurants switching and supplementing lettuce/cabbage mixed ingredients.  However, lettuce has gone back down to its regular price in recent weeks. 

Photo Credit: Photosforyou/Pixabay

“Happy to pay whatever as long as the farmers are getting most of the profits. However, if it’s profiteering from the suppliers and or grocers then the government needs to step in and stop this.” 

“I’ve lived in Brisbane all my life and I’ve seen rain like we have had in recent time years ago but it never spiked veggie price like this. Someone is making a killing.” 

“I saw these for $15.99 at our fruit and veg shop at Helensvale and thought it must have been an error. Apparently not.”

“So what happens to all the wasted fruit and veg now that we can’t afford to buy it? These prices are ridiculous.”

Meanwhile, Tarragindi locals have other options for green food supplies that they can plant, cultivate and harvest for free via the Tarragindi Community Garden and the Wellers Hill Bowls Club community garden.