Natural Landscape and Great Uphill View at Tarragindi’s Visitor-Friendly Reservoir

In Tarragindi, there’s a certain place hidden in the heart of the suburb where you can have a peaceful, relaxing time with Mother Nature. Natural scenery, beautiful trees, serene hiking trails, cool forest breeze, pet-friendly atmosphere, and a great uphill view – what’s not to like for any nature lover?

The beautiful Tarragindi Reservoir is a gem of a place well-hidden amidst houses of locals. To get there, you’ll have to drive (or walk) through a narrow road. Be wary of quite a few cars parked on the roadside. Because of this, passersby often drive through the opposing lane.

Once you get to the place, you’ll notice that it is surrounded by a one-way road. You won’t miss it because quirky handwritten one-way signs are everywhere. No cemented parking spaces are available. However, you can park anywhere on the wide grassy field without having to worry about your vehicle being a hindrance to other site visitors.

To reach the uppermost part of the area, you’ll have to traverse a few flights of stairs. Don’t worry, the steps are manageable. They’re not very steep and the sections alternate between flat and hilly grounds. On a good note, trails like the ones in the area are very effective for exercising. For those who prefer a consistent flat ground, they can just stroll around the water works area.

As you go up the flights of stairs, you’ll get to notice several more structures. These structures are built for the purpose of managing and balancing the water supply in the suburb. That said, Tarragindi Reservoir is basically a big water facility area. Not to set your hopes up for any visible natural bodies of water, this place is perfect, nonetheless, for a sunny nature stroll.

Camp on the Hill

The adorably hilly suburb of Tarragindi was formerly referred to as “Sandy Creek”, according to the Department of Natural Resources and Mines in Queensland. In the 1890s, Samuel Grimes, an early settler in the suburb, named it “Tarragindi Hill”.

Mr Grimes employed a certain Kanaka man named Tarragindi Tasserone, who was responsible for clearing the property’s timber. When asked by Mr Grimes as to what they “should call the property,” the employee reportedly answered, “Call it Tarragindi, it means ‘camp on the hill’.”

Once a rural area, Tarragindi was eventually urbanized in the inter-war years. In 1922, the service reservoir was established as the first urban structure. It was followed four years later by a primary school in Wellers Hill (formerly Weillers Hill).

Tarragindi’s freely accessible Reservoir is open to people of all ages. It is located in the suburb’s 159 Tarragindi Road. You can bring your pets along, take a stroll, jog, have a picnic, enjoy the uphill view, or do anything else that you like. Once there, do not forget to take Instagram-worthy photos.

Tarragindi’s Most Dog-Friendly Café Offers Coffee for a Cause

Drive down to Tarragindi’s 6/11 Kuring Gai Avenue and you will find Black Lab Coffee. It is, by far, the suburb’s most dog-friendly café. Established in February 2016, the café specialises in high quality “barista-made takeaway coffee”. The café also takes pride in being a champion of animal welfare.

Black Lab Coffee proudly supports the cause of the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). As Australia’s “oldest, largest, and leading animal welfare charity,” the RSPCA’s mission statement is “helping animals, enlightening people, changing lives.” Black Lab Coffee supports this mission fully. Tarragindi’s dog-friendly hub often hosts pop-up pet adoption events.

Last year, on three separate occasions, the café co-hosted “Coffee for a Cause” events with the RSPCA. One dollar from each coffee sold during the events went to the society’s dog rescue projects. A lot of dog owners and fur babies were seen soaking up the love during these events.

Primarily Designed for Humans… and Pooches, too!

At the café’s front, there are plenty of water bowls with fresh drinking water. There is also a water refill station in case the bowls run out of water. This is to ensure that no visiting dogs at the café would ever go thirsty.

Inside Black Lab Coffee, there is ample seating for the café patrons. Table sizes vary from small to large to accommodate varying groups of people. Astroturf grass covers most of the flooring. Indeed, the café is designed for the comfort of dogs and their humans.

Black Lab Coffee The Boss
Black Lab Coffee’s resident black Lab proudly welcomes visitors to the café’s interior. Photo Credit: Black Lab Coffee/Facebook

Outside of the establishment, just by the roadside, there is an area where people can also order coffee to-go. Outdoor seating is available so customers can be comfortable while waiting for their orders.

Quality Barista-made Takeaway Coffee

Coffee at Tarragindi’s most dog-friendly café is made of locally-roasted Di Bella coffee beans. The beans are brewed to perfection by the establishment’s friendly barista to ensure its high quality. Patrons are given a rewards card which is stamped whenever they purchase some coffee. Collect ten stamps on the card and your 10th coffee is “on the house.”

Aside from their specialty coffee, the café also offers a variety of other delectable treats on the menu. They have milkshakes and freshly blended smoothies that come in flavours like coffee frappe, berry blast, mango lassi, banana nut, and hulk. More choices are available from the cafe’s well-stocked fridge.

The café’s food selections vary daily. At the counter, there are plenty of goodies for takeaway. They have baked desserts, toasties, as well as bacon and egg rolls. They also have an abundant supply of home-baked and hand-made Discuits (dog biscuits), which contain well-selected natural ingredients only. In this café, health is wealth for your pooch and you.

‘The Boss’ of Black Lab Coffee

Tarragindi Black Lab Coffee
‘The Boss’ of Black Lab Coffee, Audrey, adorably sits by the counter. Photo Credit: Black Lab Coffee/Facebook

At Black Lab Coffee, “The Boss” is a black Labrador named Audrey. Patrons often quip that the café is owned and managed by this adorable resident pooch. Actually, her regal, dignified presence at the cafe will convince even the most jaded guest that she is, in fact, “The Boss.”

Audrey makes frequent visits to the café. If you are lucky, you might be able to meet her during your visit. Don’t forget to have some snaps taken with her for that perfect Instagram moment. Feel free to follow her on Instagram, too. She probably has more followers than the average Joe.

Visitors to Black Lab Coffee can check on updates on events through their Facebook page or Instagram gallery. The cafe is open from 5:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Mondays to Saturdays, and 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Sundays.