Rough Sailing for the Development Proposal on Rosebank Square, Salisbury

It appears that it’s going to be an uphill battle for the proposed development at Rosebank Square, Salisbury, as residents in the area fight against the granting of Council approval.

The community expressed concerns regarding the proposal to develop a childcare and community centre at 60 Rosebank Square in Salisbury, such as the increased noise, congestion, rat-running, design not keeping with the neighbourhood’s character,  and the size and height of the building.

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Representatives of the Tzu Chi Foundation, however, during a meeting held last February and  attended by community representatives and Councillor Steve Griffiths (Moorooka Ward), expressed their willingness to consult further with experts to address concerns about traffic flow. Although, the applicant remains firm about keeping the design and the inclusion of a childcare centre to make the project viable.

So far, there have been more than 100 submissions on the Council’s website stating their reasons why they are opposed to the development proposal.

I am concerned that this development will negatively impact the quiet community in Salisbury with much more traffic through quiet side streets. I am also concerned that the increased traffic will pose a safety risk to the children of the community, particularly with a popular park for children and families just across the road. I am also concerned that this development does not directly benefit every member of the community of Salisbury, but rather provides a service for individuals from other communities. – submission 10 Feb 2019 (name withheld)

This tiny niche of East Salisbury is fully occupied by homes balanced by a park proportionate our size. The area proposed for a massive world business and charity in a ‘hideous castle’,to dwarf a housing community in architecture, size and height, should await some future construction/s for activities commensurate with the existing living dynamics. – 04 February 2019 (name withheld)

The building would not serve as a community centre. Based on its current usage the Tzi Chi Foundation do not interact, communicate or invite community members to their functions or events. This would be invite only, not a community based centre. – submission 03 Feb 2019  (name withheld)

I don’t think the post-war shops should be demolished, as they were an important part of the original 1950s/60s estate development design in this area and demonstrate the provision of local amenities in housing estates at the time. I believe they would meet the criteria for local heritage significance as a result. – submission 17 Jan 2019  (name withheld)

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /

According to the development application, the proposal is for a 3-storey childcare centre, community use, educational establishment, and shop.

The proposed centre, designed by the Neylan Architecture, with a gross floor area of 1,810 sqm will feature classrooms that will accommodate about 84 children, support facilities, performance area, a bookshop, meeting space, external play area, as well as 34 car parking spaces including one for PWD.

The Council has already issued an information request dated 19 February 2019, asking the applicant Tzu Chi Foundation to address issues on the proposal’s built form, proposed use, building design, car parking and access, deep planting, noise, and stormwater