Tarragindi Community Garden in Wellers Hill Nominated for 2023 WasteSMART People’s Choice Award

Tarragindi Community Garden

As the 31 finalists of the 2023 WasteSMART People’s Choice Award are unveiled, Tarragindi Community Garden takes the spotlight for its outstanding contributions to sustainability and waste reduction.

A Sustainable Oasis in Wellers Hill

The Tarragindi Community Garden volunteers have been at the forefront of sustainable change in Brisbane, setting an impressive example for the entire community. They go the extra mile by actively composting organic and food waste from various sources, including households, childcare centres, cafes, schools, and businesses. 

Notably, their Recycling Hub, an iconic feature, diverts thousands of kilograms of waste from landfill every year. This 24-hour recycling facility effectively tackles challenging waste streams that are otherwise hard to recycle through conventional means.

Impressive Statistics Tell the Story

In the last financial year, the Tarragindi Community Garden, powered by 50 dedicated volunteers, 1800 social members, and over 1000 hours of manpower, achieved remarkable milestones. They recycled 51.6 kilograms of bread tags, approximately 2.5 tonnes of bottle tops, 520 kilograms of metal lids, and assorted metal items. 

Furthermore, the group composted over 2400 kilograms of food waste and contributed to a heartwarming cause by sewing 180 reusable nappies for expecting mothers in Papua New Guinea through Rotary Brisbane’s appeal.

The Gindi Garage: A Sustainable Venture

In an exciting new initiative, the Tarragindi Community Garden is currently embarking on a project to create the very first share shed in Tarragindi, aptly named the “Gindi Garage.” Volunteers are constructing the shed using reclaimed building materials salvaged from homes in Tarragindi that are being demolished for modern home developments. 

This innovative venture aims to promote a culture of sharing and caring within the community by allowing residents to borrow items and equipment from the Gindi Garage for free, thus reducing excess consumption. 

A History of Excellence

The group’s dedication to sustainability and waste reduction has not gone unnoticed. They previously received the WasteSMART Community Award in 2021 and the WasteSMART Outstanding Award in 2022, making them an All-Star finalist for the 2023 WasteSMART People’s Choice Award. This recognition underscores their consistent and exceptional contribution towards making Brisbane cleaner, greener, and more sustainable.

Supporting Brisbane’s Sustainability Vision

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner, the driving force behind the WasteSMART Awards, encouraged all Brisbane residents to participate in the People’s Choice Award and cast their votes in support of their preferred sustainability champion. As Brisbane continues its journey to become Australia’s cleanest and greenest capital city, these awards play a pivotal role in celebrating and promoting sustainability initiatives throughout the city.

Public voting for the 2023 WasteSMART People’s Choice Award is now open and will continue until Monday, October 16. To cast your vote and explore the complete list of finalists, visit the WasteSMART Awards website.

The WasteSMART Awards are administered by the Brisbane Sustainability Agency on behalf of Brisbane City Council and are proudly sponsored by Containers for Change Queensland, Cleanaway, and The University of Queensland. The winners of the 12 WasteSMART Award categories, which boast a combined prize pool of over $4,000, will be announced at a ceremony to be held at Brisbane City Hall in November.

Published 16-Oct-2023